Geotropism, 1993


Geotropism, 1993


stone, steel and cast iron

Artist Statement

“On the Poetics of Sculpture”

As an artist I am always interested in the creation of form to particular places, and of how form animates and invigorates an overall space. My working philosophy is that sculpture occupies physical space, and relates directly to our bodies and to the environment. It can depict, but more importantly it must engage. These points of engagement are both physical and conceptual.

Community is predicated upon complex and interactive relationships of person to person, and of person to place. Sculpture creates points of interest. It counters ambivalency toward place, as it is, in it’s essence, a physical and expressive meditation in form to person and place.

The craft, materials, and processes that are necessary for the creation of sculpture, are also part of all it stands for. Sculpture reshapes both matter and meaning through conscious endeavor.


Artist Biography: Peter Flanary

Peter Flanary was born in Milwaukee in 1956. With his father in the Air Force, he lived in various locales throughout the United States, returning to Milwaukee in his youth. He studied liberal arts at St. John’s University (Minnesota), received a BFA degree from Northern Michigan University, and an MFA from UW-Madison. He spent his adult life as a studio artist with sculptures and installation through the U.S. and elsewhere. He has maintained a Mineral Point studio since 1996.



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